Personal Training

NewMoves Trainers are Asia’s leaders in Personal Training.

When looking for that personal, private and unique experience, taking on a Personal Trainer gives you more than just an hour of 1-on-1 time . Our sessions are designed for the individual based around their goals and level of fitness. Each person is different so no two training sessions should EVER be the same. Our methodology has been fine tuned over years and is now the top benchmark for Personal Coaches within Asia.

Our team are holistic movement specialists who specialize in fat loss, strength and sports conditioning, injury rehabilitation, getting clients moving pain-free as well as stronger, fitter, toned, more confident and capable. We work closely with you around the clock to change your body, mind and life. Results we guarantee.

Just some of the things you can expect from your NewMoves Personal Training

A specialized program tailored to your goals, lifestyle and current fitness level specifically designed for your body.

Personalized diet plans that are customized to your current eating habits, lifestyle and approached in a way that makes changes achievable and sustainable in the long-term to not only maximize your results….but keep them!

Workout plans for outside of P.T. sessions.

Ongoing motivation, accountability & support.

Structured sessions based on your body and goals to maximize results.

Tools to sustain an effective workout and training routine well into the future.

Semi Private Personal Training