NewMoves, we’re more than just a fitness facility

NewMoves was founded in 2013 by international fitness presenter Rob Cook, a 15 year plus veteran of the fitness industry with the goal of giving you, no matter who you are, the opportunity to experience the training of world class athletes in a relaxed friendly environment.

Here at NewMoves we offer holistic customized training for you, whether you are a high performer on the field, in the boardroom, a person with special needs or simply someone who wants to move, feel and look better.

We do more by focusing on you as a whole person, on timeless truths, concepts and patterns NOT a set of equipment, named exercises, six pack abs, or the latest trends in fitness fads.

This focus on knowledge and development gives us the freedom to create and explore with a wide range of tools and methods giving you, the client the best experience, and results possible.

We are not stuck moving in a straight line like most of the fitness industry.

We bend twist and move in all directions and dimensions just as nature intended, without dogmatic thinking holding us back.

Create, explore, and build a body that not only looks good, but is built for the challenges that the real world puts in front of us.


meet the team

NewMoves’ team of trainers are hand picked from around Thailand and the world due to their expertise, experience and reputation within their respected fields. From athletic coaches, sports conditioning experts, professional athletes, weight loss and body sculpting specialists, our team of trainers are not only experts but are always seeking the latest in science research and first hand experience to bring you a training experience that guarantees results and a training experience that will change your life.

Rob has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and in that time has worked across the world for a variety of globally recognized training and performance organizations as a coach, manager, presenter and educator.

This wealth of experience has been used to continually evolve NewMoves as a world class fitness facility and industry leader

As a Coach, his passion has always been working with those who have specialized and unique goals.

From elite level athletic performance to gaining back your motor skills after injury, his purpose is always based around exploring and expanding your movement potential to make you a better and more capable you!

Specialized Areas:

• Movement Analysis and Coaching
• Athletic Performance
• Rehabilitation
• Education and Mentorship (NASM Master Trainer and Educator – Asia Region/ Gray Institute Master Trainer)

Originally from the state of Montana in the US, Dillon has been involved in sport and fitness since his pre-teen years.

He has pursued many different physical disciplines as both an athlete and coach, including powerlifting, calisthenics, feats of strength and martial arts which is what originally brought him to Asia.

Dillon is a self proclaimed “movement nerd” and loves to help people overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals in and out of the gym.

Specialized Areas:

• Bodyweight Strength Training (Calisthenics & GST)
• “Soft” Acrobatics and Flow
• Conventional Strength Training (Powerlifting & Powerbuilding)
• Combat Sports Performance
• Unconventional “Old Time” Training
• Multi-Planar (3D) Movement

Tan graduated from faculty of sport science at Chulalongkorn University and also a NASM certified personal trainer.

He has many years of training experience as a coach and is still an avid athlete that practices many sports, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. He particularly enjoys coaching older people, sport performance for athletes, and overall improving his clients movement ability.

Tan applies a variety of programs that challenge you no matter your age, or your goal. Whether that is losing weight, getting stronger, playing the sport of your choice better, or getting rid of chronic pain.

If you want to move better and feel confident with every movement Tan is the trainer to see and he will create a program to suit your goal!

Specialized Areas:

• Lower Body Movement Ability
• Elder Training
• Strength Training
• Plyometric Training
• Powerlifting
• Group Fitness

Jay is a personal coach and group fitness coach at NewMoves. Having always enjoyed being athletic, Jay has explored and practiced a variety of disciplines, from Pilates and Running, to Muay Thai and Olympic weightlifting.

She is a NASM certified personal trainer and has many years of training and coaching experience in both Thailand and Australia.

Jay’s style of coaching highlights mind-body connection and awareness. She aims to empower individuals through movement—believing that results will be achieved with proper guidance and the right mindset.

In her words, “I’m hoping that whatever you achieve on the gym floor translates to strengthen the other aspects of your life, physically and mentally”.

Specialized Areas:

• Strength and Conditioning
• Olympic weightlifting
• Muay Thai Fitness
• Dance Performance
• Pilates

Toby is a personal coach and group fitness coach at NewMoves. Although, born and raised in Bangkok. Toby took further studies abroad, graduated from the faculty of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Bath.

He grew up playing both individual and team sports, which led to his interest in sport performance and strength training to become a better athlete. Toby has many years of personal training experience under his belt, ranging from student athletes to mature adults.

Toby applies his in depth understanding of sport psychology into his coaching. By understanding different avenues of motivation one can obtain, he help develops client’s intrinsic drivers to help better achieve their overall short and long term goals progressively and sustainably.

Toby’s training style helps individuals unlock their full potential, both their mental and physical capabilities with precise, personalised and realistic programming in and outside the gym.

Specialized Areas:

• Conventional Strength Training (Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Power-building)
• Sport Performance and Conditioning
• Pre and Post Rehabilitation

Although Tiffany has had a passion for fitness and health for over 12 years, it wasn’t until she moved to Bangkok from the US that she realized just how strong that passion was.

Tiffany is a NASM certified personal trainer and has experience in weight training but High Intensity Interval (HIIT) training is her favorite training method. Tiffany creates workouts which target the entire body to get the most out of your training session.

In her words “High Intensity Interval Training is really where my heart lies. One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximal benefits in a minimal time.”

Tiffany is also an advocate of plant based eating. She grew up eating a mostly plant based diet and has continued to do so into adulthood.

Specialized Areas:

• Women’s Strength & Conditioning
• HIIT & Circuit Training Specialist
• Outdoor Obstacle Course Training
• Training on a plant based diet.

Yuth has spent over a decade as a university lecturer, holds a doctoral degree in Language & Communication and is a NASM certified personal trainer.
As an educator Yuth has always strived to absorb new knowledge and to teach it to his students in a meaningful and applicable way whether in academics or health & fitness.
During his adolescence in America Yuth spent many years in organized sports such as baseball, football, soccer and track & field. He has also used weightlifting to enhance athletic performance and to build an aesthetically pleasing physique.
Yuth understands the challenges of training as a middle aged person with a busy schedule and who may also be dealing with issues like chronic pain, difficulty with fat loss, and building muscle as he has experienced all of these in various forms over the years.
After discovering that a focus on eating for health and training for muscle, mobility and movement was easily converted into a sustainable lifestyle, Yuth has become eager to promote a similar mindset to fit his clients’ lifestyles.
Specialized Areas:
•fat loss
•hypertrophy (muscle building)
•positive lifestyle reinforcement