Our classes were all created by our Founder and Master trainer, Rob Cook, based around his years in the industry working with all kinds of clientele.

NewMoves classes have been tailored to give you the most creative, engaging and results-based work out on offer. Each class has a specific theme that is designed to be fresh and new every time. We pride ourselves on always making sure you get the most effective workout possible while having fun and being challenged. NewMoves classes are designed so that we can cater for absolute beginners to elite athletes all in the same class thanks to our signature approach.

Our classes are capped at a small number of clients in order to keep our standard of services as high as possible.
Smaller class sizes mean more interaction between you and our coaches. Adjustments can be made for each member of class.


cardio + weight


signature class


sport performance

animal flow workout


This is our signature class at NewMoves. It’s all about MOVING and using your body in ways that build flexibility, mobility as well as 3 dimensional “functional” strength. In this class you will move in all dimensions and directions just as nature intended. This class will look and feel very different than your average fitness class. A must try!


A NewMoves classic H.I.I.T. OUT!’ is our class designed to test you physically & mentally while having hugely positive effects on your fitness and physique. A step up to challenge yourself with this high intensity interval class and reap the rewards and results you currently seek.


This class will build strength endurance through VOLUME training. This class is a test of your work capacity and is great for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.


This class is designed to get you STRONG. Strength is the bottom of the performance pyramid. Traditional barbell lifs with proper technique and programming are highly effective in developing strength. The stronger you are, the faster you’ll be able to run, the higher you’ll be able to jump and the more resistant you will be to injury. We’ll condition you in all 3 dimensions to gain size, improve body composition and safeguard your joints.

Strength and Flow

Flow with strength and grace. In this intensive class you will learn to master your body by developing strength, coordination, and mobility through different bodyweight skills including bodyweight strength skills, “Animal Flow”, martial arts, yoga and other bodyweight only training modalities.


Train like an athlete for the sport of life! This is a high intensity class using the exact same methods we apply to elite level athletes that gets results and promises to be unlike anything you’ve tried before.


A set of shapely glutes and a strong chiseled core are not only aesthetically pleasing and signs of health, but are also integral to performance. Shape your body using a focused approach to not only look amazing but perform better with 3 dimensional movement that will hit these muscle groups in ways no other methods can.

Build and Burn

Look good and feel good doing it. Improve your visual lookand aesthetic appeal through our signature training approach using 3 dimensional weight training and HIIT protocols.

AMRAP 30 (30 MINS)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes. Limited Dme doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a great workout. In this class we coach you through the exercises and you GO under the encouragement and care of our instructors.

HIIT 30 (30 MINS)

The most efficient class on our schedule. 30 minutes of extra intense interval training. Get your workout done in half the Dme of a normal class and get on with your day feeling refreshed.

SHRED 30 (30 MINS)

Sculpt your figure and build muscle in this short but intense class. It’s designed to create the curves and shape you want in half the Dme of a normal workout.