NASM CES Live Course

As an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) you’ll help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results by creating safe, individualized training programs by identifying dysfunctions, developing a plan of action, and implementing corrective exercise solutions.

Course Fee 35,000 THB
– 4 Days Live workshop with Rob Cook (NASM Master Trainer)
– Dates:9,10,16,17 July at NewMoves
– NASM-CES textbook
– NASM-CES online material
– Unlimited Online Practice Exams
– Online Final Exam (3 attempts)

With the NASM-CES, you’ll:

Grow your career. Expand your expertise and take on more challenging clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal impairments throughout the body.
Learn proven methods. You’ll apply your expertise by combining assessment results with the easy-to-follow Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx) to deliver maximum returns to your clients.
Earn more. Trainers with NASM specializations may see their training income increase by almost 20%.
Do what you love. Help change people’s lives.