How to approach AMRAP classes like a pro

Pace Yourself 🥵

While it calls for “As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible”, it doesn’t mean burning yourself out in the first 5 mins. Think of AMRAP class as a marathon, not a sprint. Find your pace and keep it consistent throughout the prescribed time.

Form Over Speed 

Focus on getting a movement correct first BEFORE adding speed. If you rush through exercises with partial range of motion, slow it down and make the movement clear—“Squat like you mean it”

It’s Okay to Rest 👌🏼

Pushing yourself to work hard is a good thing, but to the point where you can get injured is NEVER okay. Be mindful during the class and know when to take your foot off the pedal. Reset if needed. Take three deep breaths and go again.
TIPS: Wanna challenge yourself? Strategize your game plan and have the numbers in mind! Keep track of how many reps you can get done for each exercise and try to repeat the same number each round or if you can, beat it! 💥