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32,000 THB

NASM’s all-new Physique and Bodybuilding Coach specialization is the most comprehensive educational program ever written about bodybuilding and physique transformation. We’ve gathered the world’s best researchers, coaches, and practitioners to provide you with the tools to transform your body and the body of your clients.

This curriculum gives learners the inspiration, insight, and methods to successfully coach physique athletes and fitness enthusiasts toward their body composition/aesthetic goals.

Master the art and science of coaching physique and bodybuilding athletes. Become the expert your clients turn to for all of their body transformation needs.

  • Study at your own pace with flexible online learning formatted to your schedule.
  • Tap into the industry’s best resources and top tools to prepare you for a future in physique and bodybuilding coaching.
  • Help individuals filter out noise and provide them with true evidence-based solutions to optimize their physique safely and effectively.

Course Overview: 

✔ Section 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: Introduction to Physique Enhancement

✔ Section 2: Physiology, Anatomy, and Biomechanics of Physique Enhancement

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
Chapter 4: Essentials of Metabolism, Energy Balance, and Fat Loss
Chapter 5: Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy

✔ Section 3: Nutrition Principles

Chapter 6: Macronutrients
Chapter 7: Micronutrients and Hydration
Chapter 8: Supplementation
Chapter 9: Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)

✔ Section 4: Body Aesthetics, Fitness, and Nutrition Assessments

Chapter 10: Fitness and Body Aesthetics Assessments
Chapter 11: Nutrition Assessment

✔ Section 5: Exercise Training Principles

Chapter 12: Warm-up, Recovery, and Injury Prevention
Chapter 13: Resistance and Core Training
Chapter 14: Cardiorespiratory Training and Non-Exercise Physical Activity

✔ Section 6: Programming and Coaching Principles

Chapter 15: Coaching Principles
Chapter 16: Exercise Programming
Chapter 17: Nutrition Programming
Chapter 18: Peaking for Competition or Personal Goals
Chapter 19: Physique Transformation Sustainability

Programming Manuals:

• Exercise Programming Manual

• Nutrition Programming Manual

Whats included:

19 In-Depth Chapters

NASM’s Physique and Bodybuilding Coach program contains 19 in-depth chapters covering everything from programming for physique competitions, life after stage events, nutritional coaching, and more!

23 Subject Matter Experts

From bodybuilding to nutritional coaching, we gathered the best and brightest leaders in the physique field to provide you with expert insight.

Exercise Videos

Exercise videos featuring bodybuilding experts demonstrating how to perform hundreds of exercises.

Fully Interactive Learning Platform

Our online course portal brings everything you need to provide the best insight and guidance available on any device.

Practice Exams & Quizzes

This course includes complete access to chapter quizzes and practice exams to help you be as prepared as possible for your future in physique fitness.

Downloadable Handouts

Our online course portal allows you to download handouts that are provided within this course with no hassle. This feature displays the exact location of the handouts in each chapter.

*There are no prerequisites for the Physique and Bodybuilding Coach Specialization. A fitness credential or a bachelor’s degree could be helpful. This specialization is intended for fitness professionals, bodybuilding and physique competitors and fitness enthusiasts.

Additional information
CEUs NASM [1.9]
Location Online Study