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With our Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (NASM-CSNC) course, you’ll learn how to develop personalized nutritional recommendations to optimize performance and recovery for fitness clients and athletes.

Gain an edge on your competition by learning the latest sports nutrition principles to support healthy performance. You’ll help your clients improve their results and transform their training through nutrition. Are you ready to help fitness clients and athletes reach their full potential through nutrition? Sign up to become a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach today!

Who should become a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach?

1. Nutrition Coaches – Keep clients on the right track when it comes to nutrition programming and help clients look at food as fuel in a new way.
2. Sports Coaches – Sports coaches at all levels can benefit from a deep understanding of nutrition coaching to help get the most out of their athletes.
3. Strength and Conditioning Coaches – Strength and conditioning coaches can gain valuable insight and a systematic approach to getting even more out of athletes.
4. Weekend Warriors – This course helps weekend warriors understand the keys to performance and how to use them to unlock their potential.
5. Fitness Enthusiasts – Even the casual gym goer can benefit from nutrition instruction, finding new ways to maximize their overall health.
6. Personal Trainers – Sports performance tactics can help any personal training client perform better in every aspect of their workout and physical activity.

Whats Included: 

* 20 In-depth chapters
* High end and easy to use digital portal
* 25 videos and 6 printable handouts
* 5 year access to study materials
* Certificate upon completion

Pre-requisites: A fitness credential is recommended but is not required for the Sports Nutrition Certification

Section 1: Performance Nutrition Profession
Chapter 1: Introduction to Performance Nutrition
Chapter 2: Scope of Practice
Chapter 3: Evidence-Informed Practice
Chapter 4: Understanding the Spectrum of Athletes and Performance

Section 2: Metabolism and Energetics
Chapter 5: Essentials of Metabolism
Chapter 6: Energetics of Performance

Section 3: Nutrients and Hydration
Chapter 7: Protein
Chapter 8: Carbohydrates
Chapter 9: Fat
Chapter 10: Micronutrients
Chapter 11: Hydration

Section 4: Performance Nutrition Strategies
Chapter 12: Periodization and Nutrient Timing
Chapter 13: Body Composition
Chapter 14: Recovery
Chapter 15: Supporting the Ill/Injured Athlete
Chapter 16: Supplementation

Section 5: Putting Science into Practice
Chapter 17: Performance Nutrition Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 18: Fueling for the Work Required
Chapter 19: Coaching Process/Approach
Chapter 20: Programming

What is the difference between NASm’s Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Sports Nutriton Coach?

A Nutrition Coach works with a more general clientele to develop strategies that address issues like obesity, body composition, aging, and lifestyle approaches to disease management. A Sports Nutrition Coach digs a little deeper, working specifically with athletes to educate and provide coaching around performance nutrition within sports.

While these two roles differ in the audience they serve, they do work hand in hand to provide a well-rounded understanding of nutrition.

To that end, our CNC course sets down an effective foundation in nutrition to build from, helping through a fundamental understanding of how to serve clients’ nutrition needs. From there, our CSNC program takes what you learn throughout CNC and builds upon it to target a specific client base to focus on strategies that impact performance and recovery.

Additional information
CEUs NASM [1.9], ACE (15)
Location Online Study