NASM Business Development for the Club Fitness Professional

7,200 THB

Business Development for the Club Fitness Professional is a course created with your fitness industry success in mind. It provides you with the tools necessary to create and grow a flourishing personal training business inside the walls of a club facility. 

Oftentimes, trainers lack certain skills when first entering the industry; therefore NASM is providing training that teaches you:

  • The overall view of the fitness industry Professionalism as it relates to personal training
  • Time management skills Communication skills such as asking questions, immersed listening, and building rapport
  • Price presentation according to individual client needs
  • How to overcome common objections to purchasing personal training
  • How to further develop your business through goal setting and understanding productivity projections

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand professionalism and boundaries as they relate to the health club environment. 
  • Understand and be able to implement specific, intentional, and effective price presentations.

This online learning course includes 4 modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Business Development
  • Module 2 – Basic Business Skills
  • Module 3 – Communication Skills
  • Module 4 – Fitness Professional Development

The 12 Chapters include topics of:

  • Chapter 1 –   Introduction to the Business of the Club Fitness Professional
  • Chapter 2 –   Understanding the Fitness Industry
  • Chapter 3 –   Professionalism
  • Chapter 4 –   Time Management
  • Chapter 5 –   Introduction to Communication
  • Chapter 6 –   Asking questions
  • Chapter 7 –   Immersed listening 
  • Chapter 8 –   Building rapport
  • Chapter 9 –   Prospecting 
  • Chapter 10 – Price Presentation 
  • Chapter 11 – Overcoming Objectives
  • Chapter 12 – Developing your Business

The course Includes: 

  • Flash presentations
  • Video demonstrations
  • Unique learning tools (e.g., drag and drop features, matching, and picture review)
  • Narrated role-playing scenarios
  • External links to a variety of educational resources
  • Final online exam (50 questions)
Additional information
CEUs: NASM (1.0), ACE (1.0), NSCA (1.0), AFAA (10)
Location: Online Self Study