Goniometric Assessment

2,500 THB

The Goniometric Assessment online course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively understand the scientific rationale and application for goniometric assessments as part of an integrated assessment process.

The Goniometric Assessment course will guide you in the assessment of joint range of motion and muscle length, correlating them to movement dysfunctions, helping you develop a methodical and effective corrective exercise strategy.

Upon the competition of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the scientific rationale for goniometric assessment
  • Discuss the various components of a goniometer and specifically explain how to use it to measure joint range of motion
  • Correlate goniometric measurements to the Overhead Squat and Single-leg Squat movement assessments

The course includes:

  • Online narrated presentation with training videos
  • Printable PDF Range of Motion Assessments (NASM CES Chapter 7)
  • Training video with Dr. Micheal Clark
  • Final online exam (25 questions)
Additional information
CEUs: NASM (0.3), ACE (0.3), NSCA (0.3), AFAA (3.0)