The UNIT (Universal Trainer): Available exclusively in Asia at NewMoves

TruFit's UNIT is what we use as our chosen suspension trainer. It's a little different to the standard trainer on the market and is made with climbing grade materials with a lifetime warranty!

These guys have a vision and a ethos that is second to none. They genuinely care about creating a change through movement and spend a lot of their time traveling the world reaching out to the youth. In fact, a lot of their 'moves' have been created by allowing kids to just play on the UNIT and see what they come up with. This idea is right on par with NewMoves believe of natural movement.

We are proud to be using TruFit's UNIT in our facility as well as being apart of their mission and spreading the word throughout SE Asia.

Be sure to come down and check out what the full potential of this piece of kit really is and see how it can benefit you! Now available for sell at NewMoves with special price for our members. Grab one and you can exercise anywhere you are! Contact 02-652-0539 for more info.

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