The NewMoves Trainer Education Course is designed to educate our team and teach them about the NewMoves ideology and approach. Over a 3-month period we cover extensively on how to truly coach someone, the psychology behind it, and how to deliver a truly unique experience. Learning these skills also enables the trainers to better know how their product can help the individual thus enabling them to sell better. We teach them how to understand, see and create movement, to be able to assist in pain management, improve movement function, improve performance and deliver a genuinely personalized training session and experience. This specialized approached has been studied, tested and proven, however, unlike everything with the human body, we are always studying, testing and then in our own unique way, applying, the latest peer-reviewed research available.

Nutrition is one of the 3 main pillars of health and fitness that we talk about at NewMoves (Exercise – Diet – Rest/Lifestyle), so we also teach our trainers the approach we take to finding out the best possible approach, for each individual, to maximize their results.


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