Our classes were all created by our Founder and Master trainer, Rob Cook, based around his years in the industry working with all kinds of clientele. They have been tailored to give you the most creative, engaging and results-based work out on offer. Each class has a specific theme and is designed to be fresh and new every time and pride ourselves on always making sure you get the most effective workout possible while having fun and being challenged. They are designed so that we can cater for absolute beginners to elite athletes all in the same class thanks to our signature approach.



Why lay on your back to train a muscle group that functions while standing, bracing and moving? Our Core off the Floor class is designed to give you a true core workout the best way possible...through movement! Our unique approach will give you a core targeted workout like you’ve never seen before with results you’ve never gotten.
This is your chance to play with your body in a way you may never have tried before. Using the best suspension trainers and resistance bands in the market you will lift, twist and pull your body into shape.
If we had to pick, this would be our favorite and most well rounded class at NewMoves. It’s all about using your body in ways that warrants a response of greater flexibility, mobility as well as functional strength. The equipment used in this class is designed specifically for this purpose and since their introduction to the fitness industry, have made real waves on all levels. So we have taken what we know about this equipment and then twisted it in with what we understand about the body, how it moves and added NewMoves unique approach which has left us with a class that has people moving, feeling and looking the best they ever have! A must try.
Pumped for Performance is NewMoves approach to getting you well-rounded results. This class will get your fitness levels through the roof while conditioning your body for performance scenarios with a special emphasis on size gains for the guys or a tight & toned figure for the ladies. A high intensity class using the method’s we apply to elite level athletes that guarantees results and promises to be unlike anything you’ve tried before.
‘H.I.I.T. OUT!’ is our class designed to test you physically & mentally while having hugely posi6ve effects on your fitness and physique. A step up to challenge yourself with this high intensity interval class and reap the rewards and results you currently seek.
LBT is NewMoves version of the famous 'Legs, Bums and Tums' group class. Our version is designed to give you a lower-body targeted workout that will give you those shapely legs and bum as well as burn the fat around your belly for that desired flat stomach.
S&M is a class designed to push you beyond your threshold to achieve maximum muscle growth and toning. Breaking free from old beliefs that dumbbells and bench press are necessary to gain muscle, S&M takes advantage of non-traditional training tools like Kettlebells, the UNIT (suspension trainers) and resistance bands, along side your own body weight to effectively build strength & mass. This class isn’t just for those who want to bulk up, it’s an effective way for woman to sculpt and tone their bodies also! Whether your goals are to build a better physique or bigger biceps, S&M is a class that gets results.
Ever wondered how your trainers workout? Well wonder no more, our new class The ‘WORKOUT’ is created just as the trainer would work out. So keep your eye out for when your favorite trainer is teaching this class and come along to workout just like them.
This class is scientifically designed to burn fat, fast, using high intensity loaded training techniques. Crunches won't burn belly fat but this class will!
Intense Suspension is a high intensity version of our Training In'Tension class. Using the TruFit UNIT suspension trainers, this class will give you an all over, full body workout in a way that only suspension training can.
Sculpt your figure and build muscle in this short but intense class. It's designed to create the curves and shape you want in half the time of a normal workout.
HIIT and KICK combines the moves of boxing with a high intensity interval training plan (HIIT) that will push your body to its limits. You will get your body fit n firm in just 30 mins!
In order to be truly strong and stay injury free, quality of movement is of utmost important's, but, it is often overlooked. Moving Strong class will guide you through the fundamentals of each movement pattern and how to progress correctly, safely and efficiently. This class is not only suited for beginners but also for those experienced trainers who will gain the chance to relearn all the important techniques again. Even though this is a technique focused class, it will still be a full workout that will leave you a little sore the next day. .
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