With summer fast approaching, bikini weather is just around the corner and time to get in shape is running out. But it’s ok as there is never a better time than the present to start getting fit and healthy and I have some solutions for you.

When working towards getting your beach body ready, there are 2 main focus points to look at:

1. Exercise

2. Diet/Nutrition

Both are as equally important as each other, require the same amount attention and commitment and play equal roles in optimizing (maximizing) the best possible results and giving you your best beach body ever.


When it comes to your workouts, one thing you dont have to do is spend all your time at the gym , sweating it out for endless hours on various different cardio machines. In fact, when it comes to optimizing your results in the gym, less is more. High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) sessions are only around 4 - 30 minutes long focusing on short but intense bouts of exercise followed by short rest periods and repeadted in rounds for a specific time. These workouts don't require big exercise machines, instead use bodyweight exercises and incorporate different types of free-weight exercises too, which creates a workout that burns fat, tightens and tones plus increases strength and fitness. Using weights won't make you big and bulky like some woman still may think, in fact, it is one of the key factors to getting a trim and toned physique.

H.I.I.T. style workouts are so varied that you can always be assured new and fun sessions that are always changing, enjoyable and time effective, unlikethe repitition of cardio machine workouts. However, due to the short intense burst of exercise, this workout can be quite demanding and a challenge when first starting but with a structured training program, resultsare seen fast. If you lead a fairly active life normally, 1 H.I.I.T. session 3-4 times per week can be all you need to see real reults! Due to the fact that most workouts require minimal equipment and need very little space, they are ideal for workouts at home or while traveling, which is a key in helping to maintain consistency in your training. Finding a highly skilled and knowledgable Personal Trainer can help you design and set up a tailored training program specific for you to help get you, and keep you on track. There are also many fitness facilities around Bangkok now offering many kinds of H.I.I.T. classes so take advantage of the many options and find on e thats best for you.


When it comes to nutrition, it really is something that needs to be assessed and designed on an individual basis. Not all bodies are the same, therefore, the idea that any one kind of diet is best for all is just not logical. Yet with so many diets out there that are extremely popular today, like the Paleo, Low Carb/Low Fat, Intermittent Fasting, it’s understandably easy to get confused and not know where to start. So, when creating a new nutrition plan, the key is to make it achievable long term, setting you up to make a lasting lifestyle change.

Here is a few key points to focus on;

First of all, DON’T count calories. Not all foods are created equal – 100 calories of fresh produce doesn’t have the same effect on the body as 100 calories of processed and refined foods does. How about reading the ingredients list on the label as a more accurate portrayal of the impact the food you consume will have on you. If it has names in it you don’t know or can’t pronounce, don’t eat it.

Carbs aren’t the enemy, in fact, the right carbs are actually something I suggest to eat at night, not in the morning. At night when we sleep we actually burn more calories than we do during waking hours as the brain and body burn up energy (calories) restoring and repairing itself from the previous day. In the morning, the body has energy stores ready and waiting to be used, so by consuming carbs first thing each day we’re not allowing the body the opportunity to use the energy it already has ready. This can promote more fat growth.

Eating correctly doesn’t have to be too difficult, just remember these simple rules:

-Eat real food in its simplest form (Plants and animals as close to its original condition and without chemical processing)

-Don’t count calories (150 calories of chocolate isn’t the same as 150 calories of green vegetables, therefore calories aren’t equal and shouldn’t be counted. Eat real food, when you’re hungry, until your full, easy)

-Eat fat to loose fat (eating good fats like avocados, nuts, fish and coconut oil will aid fat lose not fat gain)

-Don’t starve yourself (This triggers a starvation response form the body and any energy/food you eat, it will want to store as fat)

-Too much of any thing is a bad thing (A larger variety of different foods with lots of different colors is best)

Making these small changes to your eating habits will create big results.

Once starting a training schedule and you begin making diet changes, there are a few more key points that will determine your results. Consistency of both training and diet is crucial, without it you wont succeed. Rest is just as important as exercises and diet, the body needs time to repair and recover, make sure to get enough sleep. Finally, stress has so many different effects on the body were clueless to how bad it really affects us. What we do know though, is that it isn’t good for us. So try to smile and laugh more too, it’s a great ab workout too!

By trying some HIIT training and making the changes needed to your diet and current routine, you’ll be able to show off the results of your new beach body this summer.

Rob Cook.

**Below is a link to try out one of your very own equipment-free H.I.I.T. session at home or in the park. Enjoy!


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