NewMoves Nutrition 101 Workshop by Rob Cook
Here's the summary from NewMoves Nutrtion 101 Workshop by our Master Trainer, Rob Cook, on 6 June 2015.

Why diets don't work:

Diets are designed with the idea in mind of results, fast! But where they all fall short is their ability to be adaptable to the individual, teach you the knowledge and habits you should be aware of and have any legitimate long-term success. They fail to address the underling problems that have got you to your current state and when those issues aren't addressed and rectified, history is doomed to repeat itself, creating the yo-yo effect.

Are calories relevant?

Technically, no!

First lets address what a calorie is. A calorie is a unit that measures the energy of food. 1 Calorie is the amount of energy needed to heat 1 Liter of water by 1 Degree Celsius. The way in which we find out the caloric content of food is by burning them over a flame in a science lab until it breaks down. Now, if all calories were equal my opinion may differ. What I mean by that is 100 calories from chocolate does not have the same effect or benefit on the body as 100 calories from broccoli. We should be looking at the quality of our food not the caloric content. This is a far more sane approach!

Are carbs the enemy?

Unless you live off of a pure carnivorous diet, carbs are pretty hard to avoid completely. And I don't think you would want to as we need carbohydrates as energy for the body. When we ingest carbs they are converted into sugars for the body to use as energy. Eat too much for your body's energy requirements though and that extra energy will need to be stored somewhere. We should be looking at the quality of the carbohydrates we eat before seeking to completely eliminate them all.

Will eating fat make you fat?

Fat is essential for brain health and normal bodily function. In some cases, when eating the right kinds of fat, it can help you reduce excess body fat. I'm not talking about fat from potato chips, I mean natural fats. From animal products, nuts, seeds and produce like avocados and olives. Get some more 'healthy' fats into your diet and you will not only see but feel the differences.

What to avoid:

Generally speaking, if it comes in a wrapper, can or some kind of packaging you can be sure of varying degrees of processing and something you might want to be avoiding. I use a saying that if you cant 'kill it, pick it off a tree/plant or dig it up, try to avoid it'. This means if a product has gone under any amount of processing to be ready for sale, its not going to be very wholesome and beneficially for the body. Try to stick to products in their original form, its a fair safer bet.

- Rob Cook


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