Getting ready for your Climbing or Hiking trip - TMTC
When trying to get your body prepared for you outdoor hiking trip or climbing trip, there are a few things to consider to help make sure your body is in the best possible shape for the adventure ahead.

When hiking or climbing in the hills and mountains, leg strength and endurance is essential to make sure you can maximize your own possible capabilities on the trip. Core, back and shoulder strength is also very important to help you carry your pack all day, each day. So to ensure your body is up to the challenge, you want to start some conditioning training a few month before your trip (although, it’s better late than never, so if you don’t have that much time you can still start now and see benefits).

Some exercises you could consider are;
- Walking lunges with weights in your hands or on your back for periods or time (eg: 30-60 seconds) is a great exercise to start you off.
- Multi-directional hops or jumps are good for conditioning your joints and building extra leg strength and endurance as well as balance.
- Crawling is a great core and shoulder workout.
- Fill a back pack with some heavy things and go for a walk in one of our city’s parks. This will help simulate similar conditions to your trip and help get your body ready for what will be demanded of it during your trip.

It’s that easy to get started, just head to you gym or Local Park and start building up the endurance and stamina your body needs for the trip ahead. If you need assistance, hire a personal trainer for some added guidance.

Happy hiking!

-Rob Cook


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