This week, I have been teaching fellow trainer at NewMoves how to see movement. Our example, has been the squat of my client Tua and we have been looking solely at the hip.

So, what do I mean by seeing human motion? This is the ability to see how bones that comprise a joint move through space (Forwards and Back, Left and Right, Up and Down) and on its own axis (Left and Right Tilt, Anterior and Posterior Rotation, Left and Right Rotation). In the example of the hip, we look at the movements of the pelvis and the femur. Once we can see how the bones move, we can work out which joint actions are occurring in all 3 planes of motion, and then we can work out which muscles are lengthening and thus, which are reacting to the movement.


Tua- Analysis of the Squat

It might be that we feel that our client would benefit from better sequencing (influencing the order in which the bones move) or from feeling joint motions that are lacking. This brings us to a scenario where we have the ability to create movements and exercises for our clients that are specific to the function they wish to improve.



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