NewMoves, we’re more than just a fitness facility, we’re a whole new training experience. NewMoves aims to influence people’s perceptions towards exercise by introducing a new way to train and creating a space and environment that caters to all and builds a strong fitness community. NewMoves specialized approach is all about breaking free from stigmas and pseudo-science that exists throughout the fitness industry which are holding many people back and restricting their potential.

We’re focused on more than just fitness. To achieve real goals, we must have balance between the ‘3 Pillars of Success – Training / Nutrition / Lifestyle’. Without an equal balance between what you eat, how you train and how much rest you get (stress on the body) then we will always be limiting your success. By helping you find balance in all 3 areas, we can truly promise your success in creating real and lasting change.

We have created a welcoming and encouraging space filled with non-traditional equipment that encourages natural movement instead of being restricted by machines, designed to get you back into a frame of mind where a workout feels more like play instead of exercise. The equipment is at the forefront of what is being offered and designed based on the leading and latest science available, while being sourced from around the world to ensure the best quality available.



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